Attorney Terms of Service


THIS LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made between you, a SLC Innovations, LLC (“You” or “Your”) and the Immigration Lawyer (“Lawyer”) who has agreed to provide Services as defined below. You and Lawyer agree that Lawyer is not engaged to represent You in Your immigration case or generally. Rather, Lawyer's representation of You is limited to the Services defined below unless agreed in writing with the Lawyer.

The Lawyer does not:

  • Promise any particular outcome.
  • Have to help you with any other case or legal matter.
  • Provide assistance beyond what is described in this agreement.
  • Conduct any additional investigation beyond the facts that you provide.

The Lawyer may advise you to seek the services of another lawyer if your particular issue extends beyond the scope of this limited scope representation agreement.

Service Agreement

The services to be provided to You by Lawyer, except as agreed between You and Lawyer in writing are limited to the following:

  • Review entire application for omissions;
  • Screen for illogical and inconsistent entries;
  • Check for common typographical errors that might delay processing;
  • Ensure consistent spelling of names and places throughout the application;
  • Check for inconsistent, illogical, or conflicting dates; and
  • Analyze application to confirm eligibility to file for the immigration benefit sought, based on the answers and information you provided.

The Lawyer will provide:

  • Written comments and recommendations (via email) from an immigration lawyer when the review is complete if necessary.
  • One (1) telephone consultation with an immigration lawyer of up to fifteen (15) minutes to discuss the written comments, recommendations and your application.

This does not include:

  • Review of revised applications.
  • Telephone calls beyond 15 minutes.
  • Communication with any third party on your behalf.
  • Independent investigation.
  • Representation before the USCIS, government agency, or court in any matter.
  • Translation services.

You agree to:

  • Provide truthful and complete information when completing your application and in any communication with the Lawyer.
  • Consider the attorney’s recommendations regarding your immigration matter, but remain fully responsible for your immigration issue.
  • Advise Attorney of any new developments that may impact your immigration eligibility during the course of this service agreement and provide that information prior to your phone consultation.


You agree to pay the fee listed on Immig.US website for the services you selected. Any additional services will be charged separately as part of the written service agreement with the Lawyer. If the Lawyer has provided any or a substantial portion of the services as part of this agreement the fee will not be refundable unless by fault of the Lawyer.

Additional Services

Any additional services requested by you must be defined and agreed upon in writing and will be charged at the Lawyer’s usual rate. The Lawyer is not obliged in any way to accept responsibility for providing additional services beyond those described in this agreement.

Termination of the Agreement

Unless agreed upon in writing between You and the Lawyer this service agreement terminates at the conclusion of your phone conversation or 10 days after receipt of your completed immigration documents. You may terminate this agreement at any time, but are not entitled to a refund of any fee paid to the attorney. The Lawyer may terminate this agreement at his judgement if he cannot provide the services you requested for good cause or any reason authorized by law, rule, or regulation. If You have failed to fulfil any obligation under this agreement You are still responsible for any fees incurred, but the Lawyer is not required to continue providing any services.


By payment you agree that you are entering into this Agreement and you affirm:

  • That you have read this agreement in its entirety.
  • That you are legally entitled under the law to enter into this agreement.
  • Understand all provisions of this agreement.
  • Understand the scope and limitations of the Lawyer’s representation.
  • You agree to all obligations under this agreement.

You are urged to print and retain a copy of this agreement.